Probate & Estate Administration

Probate and Estate Administration focuses on becoming appointed Administrator or Executor after a relative’s or loved one’s death. If the Decedent had a Last Will and Testament, then the fiduciary must Probate the Will. Where there is no Last Will and Testament, the next of kin must proceed with Estate Administration. When it is unclear who the next of kin is, then the matter must be set down for a Kinship Hearing.

Probate & Estate Administration

Following your appointment as Administrator or Executor or Preliminary Executor (for when you need immediate access but probate will be delayed), you will receive either Letters of Administration (if you are Administrator), Letters Testamentary (if you are Executor) or Preliminary Letters Testamentary (if you are Preliminary Executor). Once you receive one of the above referenced letters, you will have certain responsibilities, including, but not limited to: collecting, securing, coordinating, and finalizing one’s financial affairs after their death.  Each of these topics is discussed in greater detail in the links that follow. We have also created checklists for steps you must take as Administrator or Executor. 

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