Below are legal forms and helpful downloads that I find extremely helpful for my clients and practice. Enjoy!


Helpful Links

Brooklyn Surrogate’s Court for Probate proceedings
Manhattan Surrogate’s Court for Probate proceedings
Abandoned property that belongs to a deceased relative
IRS Tax Forms & Publications
IRS General
Find a referral for a lawyer from the Brooklyn Bar Association
New York State Bar Association
Real property ownership in New York City
New York registration of attorneys – Attorney Directory
Guardianship Q&A and Forms, Kings County
Guardianship Q&A and Forms, New York County
Guardianship Q&A and Forms, Queens County
Guardianship Article B1 Collected Cases
Advance Directives in New York City
Collected Article 81 Cases
How to Deal with Your Parents’ Stuff When They Die

Published Articles

Factors to Consider When Converting Excess Resources Into an Income Stream
The Legal Intersection of Inheritance and Disability – A Primer
But, Officer, My Transfer Was Not for Medicaid Purposes!
America’s Long-Term Care Crisis

Helpful Probate Posts

“Probate – Letters of Administration C.T.A”
“To Probate – or Not to Probate. That is the Question. Below May Be The Answer”
“So You Need Immediate Access to Your Descendant’s Assets…”
“Owed Money from a Dead Person? File a Claim Against the Estate”
“Do You Need to Probate when Real Property is the Sole Estate Asset?”
“Probate Will Tips for New York City”


Thomson – West (formerly West Group)
U.S. Courts

Business & Finance

Better Business Bureau
United States Chamber of Commerce


Library of Congress
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
White House


National Weather Service
Yahoo! Maps


New York Times
Newspapers Online
USA Today
Wall Street Journal