Helping clients use Medicare and Medicaid to achieve estate planning goals

While most people would likely agree that planning for one’s future and those of loved ones is important, many fail to take steps to establish an estate plan until later in life. It isn’t until many people are nearing or in retirement that they begin to contemplate long-term care needs and matters related to one’s end of life and legacy, including Medicare and Medicaid.

For these individuals, it’s important to turn to an attorney who has a comprehensive understanding of complex estate planning matters. From Medicaid planning to concerns about estate and inheritance taxes, an attorney can answer questions, provide advice and assist in helping ensure that an individual’s wishes are followed and goals achieved.

For New York City residents who are approaching retirement, questions and concerns related to Medicare and Medicaid are often a source of much confusion and angst. The attorneys at Grimaldi & Yeung LLP understand how intimidating and overwhelming issues related to long-term and medical care needs can be. We strive to help clients make informed decisions about how to strategically utilize Medicare and Medicaid.

In addition to helping clients understand and make decisions with regard to Medicare and Medicaid, RK Law provides advice and assistance on matters related to financing long-term care costs that are not covered under these programs. We help many New York City residents successfully plan and achieve their long-term care goals and work diligently to keep clients abreast of changes to applicable federal and state laws.

When it comes to estate planning and long-term care needs, many seniors depend on Medicare and Medicaid. Unfortunately these programs are complicated and the many rules, restrictions and requirements can prohibit individuals from making long-term care and medical decisions that are truly in their best interest.

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